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Welcome to Data Plumbing! The latest Data Science Central Channel. A DSC Community created specifically for the Data Engineer. Aligned with the Data Scientists / Big Data Practitioners, they build and maintain the data infrastructure: data pipelines, cisterns and data lakes / data reservoirs.



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Instrumental Variables Fall 2016

This course offers an in-depth survey of modern instrumental variables (IV) analysis. IV analysis is an important quasi-experimental technique with numerous applications in economics, the social and biomedical sciences, business, marketing, and…


Chief Data Officer Forum Insurance 2016

The Chief Data Officer Forum  Insurance 2016 will establish a focal point of discussion for Insurance specific CDOs, CAOs and senior data professionals to evaluate the  evolving demands of big data and analytics in the Insurance space and…


Adversarial Machine Learning: Fraud, Security, AML

Machine learning techniques were originally designed for environments in which the training and test data are assumed to be generated from the same (although possibly unknown) distribution and/or process. In the presence of intelligent and…


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